My Diabetes Inklings

Diabetes Brain Fart

It’s been a busy and incredibly hectic week. The good news is that I have completed a draft of another chapter for my thesis, had many productive meetings spanning across the day and into late evenings. Somehow, I’ve still managed to hit the gym (and my 10,000 daily step goal) almost everyday. All of these on 4-5 hours sleep each night is a big win but with some side effects. Like this one for instance.

I was just about to jump into the shower after my workout. Staring down at a circular reside of where a pump site used to be, I got a bit confused.

Where was my pump site?



I couldn’t take my eyes off the ghost of pump site past as I try to jog my memory of my last site change. But I was drawing a blank.

Was I even wearing my pump when I got to the gym?

I checked my bag and sure enough, my disconnected pump was sitting in its usual spot as per the start of my workouts.

So where the hell was my pump site? Did I manage to rip it out during my workout and not realise? Were there people out at the gym now grossing out over a fallen out pump site lying randomly on the ground?


I stare down again at my bare body, trying to find a pump site on the usual real estate areas.

Finally my fingers felt a familiar shape on my tummy hidden in what I will now refer to as the boob blindspot.


I laughed both in relief but at my own sheer silliness before jumping into the shower.

Must have been one of my biggest diabetes brain farts I’ve ever had! If this is the benchmark of 2017, this year is going to be one hell of a ride!

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