My Diabetes Inklings


Where in the world did December and 2016 disappear to? All I can remember was a lot of shopping coupled with a endless eating. Suddenly, we’re now well into 2017 and it’s moving so fast I can barely catch my breath! As I scroll through the wall of new year resolutions on social media, I started to pen some myself.

But calling them New Years Resolutions feels like I’m setting myself up for failure. They’re meant to be broken right? Instead I like to think of them as ‘Goals I would like to achieve this year’. So here’s a few things that I can think of:

  1. Finishing my PhD (!!!)
    What a way to end my 10th year straight at uni! I’ve got 10 months until my funding runs out, which means that’s when I’m aiming to submit. That’s a whole lot of thinking, writing, publishing and presenting I need to do! What comes after is a whole other story…
  2. Learning to cook/cook more
    My mum loves to cook, which means it’s difficult to get her out of the kitchen. I’d like to think I’m okay at cooking. But this year, I’m keen to get more recipes under my repertoire. So I was pretty excited when she handed the reins of weekend dinners to me! Prepare yourselves for some cooking (mis)adventures!

    Chicken Pie!
  3. Building Beta Change into a community of diabetes advocates
    Late last year, a few friends and I gathered to discuss bringing together diabetes advocates from across the globe who are working to bring positive change within the community. After many months of deliberating, Beta Change was born.

    Over the weekend we had out first event for 2017. We held a roundtable to discuss how diabetes communities shaped us as advocates. It’s not often we get the chance to have such a discussion. I think we each took away some valuable points from the discussion. For me, I realised that I wanted Beta Change to be a community first and foremost before anything else. A community that is a safe and supportive environment to learn from and grow with each other.

    You can check out the recording of the discussion on the Beta Change Facebook page. I’m also so proud to be a group filled with inspiring and great leaders who make it fun and enjoyable to work with.

    So much love for these guys.
  4. Not committing myself to too many things
    I feel like this is now a moot point. I could always try!


2 thoughts on “2017”

  1. Yes me as well Ashley. But I know I will tend to be overcommitted and underfunded. I hope the dissertation goes well. I know I started mine in January and finished with IRB in October. I imagine however you might be a little more motivated. Time to crank chapter 2

    1. It’s tough to find time, headspace and focus to work through those hard times! They say you don’t receive a PhD you have to earn and by golly do they really mean that! Good luck Rick. I know you can do it.

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