My Diabetes Inklings

The Frustration of Diabetes

Diabetes has been an intrusive use of brain space the last couple of weeks. Certainly doesn’t help that I’ve been pushing myself a little bit harder and probably a little bit run down. The weather hasn’t been any kinder either, resulting in me coming down with a cold. Being sick with diabetes isn’t fun at all. The most frustrating part is that just a few weeks ago, I felt that I was on track with everything.I was finally getting settled into an exercise routine after changing gyms. My routine of PhD-ing, working and other things were coming together. I was feeling super productive and getting things done!

Then all of a sudden I was getting hypos after gym classes and in the middle of the night. Every. Single. Night. (okay most nights…but it felt like every night!) But because I was so distracted by everything else I had going on (and exhausted), I didn’t even think of lowering my basal until someone mentioned it.


As soon as I did that, my sugars seemed to sort itself out. So I went back to establishing my routine again.

Until I got sick.



I’m back at the drawing board trying to deal with high BGs and physically feeling like crap. While mentally trying to work through quicksand to get things done. I knew I needed to rest but I would feel guilty working from home and skipping gym classes.

And because I haven’t got enough to deal with already, diabetes decides to make things “interesting” by throwing in random hypos and hypers again. The frustrating part is going through every possibility in my head to figure out why my sugars are acting out but coming away without an answer.

That’s the thing about diabetes that trips me up – the unpredictability of it. Sometimes even if you do all the right things, your BGs don’t respond the way you expect them to. Then you’re dealing with the exhaustion that accompanies the rollercoaster of BGs. When all you want to do is get stuff done!

giphy (10).gif

I just hope that my body and the weather sorts it crap out soon because I’m tired of feeling like poo all the time.

4 thoughts on “The Frustration of Diabetes”

  1. Ashley, I totally feel your pain and your not alone, this random crap diabetes deals out seems to happen to everyone once in a while, soooooo frustrating.
    Just remember it doesnt last too long (most of the time it feels like forever) and it will return to some sort of ‘normality’.
    thanks for the read, stay happy and good luck with the PhD!

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