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OzDOC: Best in Show for a Community/ Forum!

Big news alert!

OzDOC and its moderator/co-founder, Kim has been nominated for this year’s WEGO Health Activists Award for Best in Show: Community/Forum and you can show your support here: Endorse OzDOC!
The WEGO Health Activists Awards recognise health advocates and community groups who make a difference in the lives of people living with a chronic condition or any condition really. I can’t think of any community more deserving of such a recognition that our Australian Diabetes Online Community for numerous reasons.

OzDOC empowers me to take charge of my own health. From speaking with other members from OzDOC, I gained a wealth of knowledge around how the healthcare system works. I learned that I could and should choose my own healthcare team. I never knew that my diabetes healthcare team could involve a mix of private and public health systems. In fact, I am still learning with each tweetchat!

OzDOC connects me with other people living with all types of diabetes. I am grateful for members who share their experiences and their stories of what living with diabetes is like for them. Getting a wider perspective and insight of how different each person is further highlights how important individualised healthcare is.


OzDOC motivates me to keep checking in with my own diabetes. Some of the topics we’ve had in the past have really made me stop and reflect on the way I view things or manage my diabetes. Sometimes our chats give me some great ideas from the diabetes hacks and tips that people share.

OzDOC inspires me to be a better healthcare professional, researcher and advocate. Our chats hosts a myriad of people from all walks of life and it reminds me that we are all humans and compassion is the key living a happy life. At the same time, for healthcare to improve, we need to be on equal playing fields and work together with each other. I cannot count the number of times I have signed out of a tweetchat feeling so inspired and full of energy to give back to the community.

OzDOC is a weekly tweetchat that happens on Tuesdays at 8.30pm AEST on Twitter. Every week a moderator leads a discussion on a topic with some questions. You can participate or follow along by searching the #OzDOC hashtag on Tuesday nights! See you there!

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OzDOC is family.

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