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The Concept of Rest

I have a terrible tendency to wave away minor colds and work through them. Except this time round, what I had turned out to be more than a little cold but what looks like a kidney infection. By day three of progressively feeling rubbish, I decided to work from home as the effort of driving was exhausting. Even at home, I continued to push myself to get as much work done as possible.

It was such a struggle.

Anytime I was feeling slightly better and ready to pounce back, mum would chime in with her mum warnings. I would retort back being the rebellious daughter that I am (haha) and charge forward. But it wouldn’t take long for me to admit that mum was right.

The most frustrating part is lacking the brain power and energy to work; making for seemingly unproductive days. I guess this is my body’s way of telling me to take a chill pill.

Eventually I caved at went to the doctor on day five, where preliminary tests and symptoms pointed towards a kidney infection. A kidney infection could also explain the high protein levels in my urine, which put my mind slightly at ease.

Reluctantly I accepted the script for the antibiotics, and dragged myself home to bed.

Patience is not my virtue when it comes to health. I feel terrible turning down obligations and crawling into bed when I have a million things to do. But I know that that without my health, I am at a further disadvantage. I need to learn to take as much time out I need to come back and tackle things with a fresh mind and rested body.

Comfort food is mum’s food



5 thoughts on “The Concept of Rest”

  1. Aaah that probably does explain urine test! In the health arena this is a common problem of us not taking our own advice 🙂 Hope you are feeling a lot better and will try to listen to what your Mum says more often (sorted vested interest saying this in the feint hope that my children will listen to me more as well!)
    xx Jayne

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