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Life After Diabetes Camp

Diabetes camps are such a magical and wonderful place. For the past few years, I’ve focussed on Family Camps where a child with type 1 diabetes attends with a parent or guardian for a weekend. I’ve written about it previously about empowering people with diabetes, supporting parents or guardians and allowing kids to feel normal.

In between camps this year has been especially hectic and included many long days. I wasn’t particularly surprised that the cold I had been fighting off for weeks finally managed to floor me. Still, I managed to keep the worse of it away until the end of the second camp.

But the flu wasn’t the only thing that have stopped me from getting back into my routine.

There’s the Itchy Rash. My arms and legs are covered in potentially what are midge bites from camp. They’ve been SO itchy and the hypochondriac in me worried it may be more sinister than it is. But I’ve finally managed to book in with the doctor to clarify that it’s just an allergy to being insect chow and get some cream for it.

giphy (5).gif

Then there’s Car Drama. I was sandwiched in a car accident about a month back and had to bring my car to the panel beaters to get it fixed. After the initial repair, I’ve had to bring my car back twice to fix things they had missed or not done properly. That’s three visits to the panel beaters when they should’ve done it right the first time.

giphy (6)

Then there was the Night of Diabetes Drama. Woke up at 3am to my alarming pump warning me I’ve got no insulin left. Decided to check my BGL and had a 4.8 trending downwards. After I had fixed both issues and was ready to go back to bed, a low battery pump alarm.

giphy (4).gif

All I can do is go with the flow and keep persisting with getting some routine back into my life!

On the positive side, the photos from Family Camp were released today. Looking back on these lovely pictures, it makes this horror week all worth while and has me excited for next year’s Family Camp! Check out the photos:

1 thought on “Life After Diabetes Camp”

  1. Camp is cool, being a camper can be even cooler. Unless it is like 90, then nothing is cool. Nice blog.

    I referred your blog to the blog page for the week of July 4, 2016.

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