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Laughing Through Life

2016 has brought out the inner drama in life. We’re only in February and I’m pretty sure I’m at my limit with surprises the year intends on throwing at me. Each time there’s gloom and doom, I’m sure to make some sort of stupid joke. Because even though things are hard, we must never forget to laugh or smile.

Making stupid jokes to make others laugh is my coping mechanism. Without laughter, the world becomes a darker place. And I never like to leave a team meeting or discussion without a smile, laugh or a joke. After all, without a positive team morale, it is difficult to shift the focus from the problem to a solution.

Being rather optimistic, I can usually find a positive side to things. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t take things seriously or stress over things. When I’m stressed, my mind gets scattered. I’m easily flustered and find it difficult to focus on things. I get distracted really easily (more so than usual). I know now that my heart rate also rises, I can see my BGLs slowly creeping up. Stress affects me too.

I deal with stress in a few different ways. I like watching a silly, mindless movie to get my mind off things and just laugh to get the endorphins in. Heading to the gym for a workout is my favourite stress release. Turn the music up, get some exercise done and more endorphins.

Another way I destress, which I’ve come to appreciate even more recently, is with friends. Friends who understand the context of the situation, are happy to patiently lend a listening ear and let you vent. Because sometimes you can’t shoulder everything yourself and being miserable all the time is just no fun. Life is too short for no fun!

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