My Diabetes Inklings

Spare A Rose, Save A Child

Thinking of buying roses this Valentine’s Day?

How about buying one less rose and donating the cost of that one rose to save the life of a child with diabetes?

Yep, you can Spare A Rose and Save A Child.

I am lucky to live in Australia with affordable access to basic diabetes medication and supplies thanks to the NDSS. Speaking to many other Young Leaders from around the world, I hear about their challenges in accessing or affording insulin, test strips and blood glucose meters. Too often I hear about how they are treated differently because they have diabetes.

Living with diabetes is hard and stressful enough without the added struggles of trying to afford needs to keep you alive. For many children around the world, a diabetes diagnosis leaves them with an expected life expectancy of less than a year.

Life For A Child are currently supporting over 17,000 children and young people with diabetes across 46 countries. With an estimated 80-100,000 children and young people with diabetes estimated to be in urgent need of assistance, your donation can make a difference.

So this Valentine’s Day, please consider sparing a rose(s) on an ongoing or even just an once-off basis through a small donation to the Life For A Child Program here.

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