My Diabetes Inklings

Let Go. Have Fun.

There’s a guy at my gym I call Happy-Man. He typically comes to the gym in the mornings, so I ran into him quite often over the Christmas and New Year break. He walks around with his headphones on, happily grooving along to his tunes while working out and sometimes even singing along. Seeing him there, in his zone, always puts a smile on my face. 

He doesn’t care who is watching or what other people think. He doesn’t bother anyone so no one bothers him. Except for the one time he made a poor lady next to him jump when he decided to belt out a tune. He reminds me to find the simple joys in life and to indulge in them.

Sadly Happy-Man and my gym times haven’t coincided since I’m back at uni. I did think of him this morning as I went for a walk. I caught shamelessly lip syncing to Queen (as you do) and bobbing my head along. I had to admit, it was a great way to get those endorphins going.

Things have been a bit stressful lately and I do feel under the pump, which isn’t always a bad thing. I am incredibly excited with where my research is heading and how all my other projects are coming along. But it’s important for me to manage my stress before it gets too overwhelming and pushes me over the edge. I can start to see my BGs rising and I really hope that it’s just the stress and I’m not coming down with something else.

So if you see a seemingly crazy lady lip syncing and dancing around, it may be me!

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