My Diabetes Inklings

Dear Young Leaders

Dear Young Leaders,

Thank you all for the energy you bring with you. Each of you are filled with a passion and drive to improve lives of people with diabetes. Despite differences in our language and culture, we are a family united by diabetes. Who knew such a beautiful thing could come from such a horrible condition.

Thank you for having an open mind and for being willing to share your ideas, feedback and experiences. We’ve shared so much laughter and tears together. For some of you, this may have been the first time you are sharing your story. I hope you feel that some weight has been lifted off your heart and shoulders. Your story is so important. Don’t stop sharing it.

Thank you for reminding me why I treasure the YLD program. You are the reason I haven’t given up when I am at my wits end. I believe that each one of you are capable of great things. You are role models and have the potential to change to lives of the people around you and more. Small or big projects, you are all making a difference.

Thank you for being the face of YLD. Throughout the past few days at the Congress, I see you putting smiles on people’s faces, building and strengthening relationships and collaborations. We are our biggest marketing tool in raising awareness of the YLD program. You are doing an amazingly impressive job.

Thank you for making me so proud to be part of the YLD program. Thank you for believing in me and entrusting me to help lead the way of the program in the next few years. I hope I will not let you down. Thank you for being part of my diabetes family. You blow me away and will have a place in my heart.


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