My Diabetes Inklings


In my last post, I spoke about feeling absolutely burnt out with diabetes. Thank you to everyone who reached out and checked in. I really appreciated it.

I’m currently in Vancouver in preparation for the IDF Young Leader In Diabetes Training before the World Diabetes Congress. Hanging out with the Young Leaders and Faculty members makes the hard work, stress and tears from past few months worth it. Conversations tend to run deep out of the blue and tonight, empowerment was a word that rang out and hit me hard.

A few of us were talking about why we got involved with the Young Leaders programme. Many of us go above and beyond, trying to balance work, life and/or studies with trying to push YLD programme forward. Eventually after when we hit enough road blocks, we wonder why we continue to do what we do.

It’s these times we need to pull back and look at the bigger picture and trust that every blip we encounter and work through is helping us grow in the right direction. To get us through this, the people we surround ourselves are crucial.

Those we choose to let near us have the ability to boost or drag us down. Our friends could be the difference between finding motivation to manage your diabetes or giving up. My friends from the YLD have most certainly done that. I look around and I know they will be there to get my back in any task I take on. They buffer me from stress that inevitably comes about. I see them test themselves and look after their diabetes and it motivates me to get back into the swing of things. Looking after your diabetes is so much easier when everyone around you is doing it too.

I look around at the people whom I call my friends and I feel warm and fuzzy. They make life easier to deal with when shit hits the fan; they make me laugh until I cry and are more than ready to advise when asked. Most importantly, they empower me to become a better person.

To my friends, thank you.

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