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We are the WORLD in World Diabetes Day

At the moment, I have four CGM sensors at home ready to go when I need them.
I have boxes of test strips in my bedside drawer for when I run out.
My insulin compartment in the fridge is well stocked.
My last insulin pump consumables order should arrive on my doorstep any day now.
I chose the healthcare professionals that make up my diabetes healthcare team.

Not every person with diabetes around the world is as lucky as I am.

There are times where I feel incredibly ashamed and guilty that I’m still not satisfied with the diabetes technology and care I have access to.

CGM sensors are not subsidised in Australia, making it a costly addition to living with diabetes.
Limits are in place around how many test strips you’re allowed to buy per month.
I have to place my insulin order in advance for the pharmacy to stock them.
Insulin pump consumables are still costly compared to multiple daily injections.
Private healthcare and private health insurance is expensive.

These complaints seem so trivial compared to what other people with diabetes face with around the world. That’s not to say they should be brushed aside, as they are absolutely relevant to our lives. There’s always room for improvement when it comes to enriching lives of people with diabetes in Australia. But how are we helping our international friends who barely have the basics to survive?

Lack of access to insulin, test strips, other supplies and health care causes early death in millions of people with type 1 diabetes around the world. T1International recently shared a story on the struggles of living with type 1 diabetes in Syria. Mouhammad’s brother’s story is a reminder for us to be grateful for what we have here in Australia.

Thankfully there are a few organisations who are dedicated to raising awareness over inequalities in diabetes care, access and treatment worldwide or actively helping to bridge these gaps through donated supplies. Please consider taking part in one of these campaigns throughout November, in the lead up to World Diabetes Day.

  • Insulin4all campaign to raise awareness for global access to diabetes supplies, care and treatment for people with type 1 diabetes
  • Big Blue Test campaign to help raise funds for not-for-profit groups who provide life-saving supplies, services and education to people with diabetes in need worldwide
  • Insulin For Life organisation who sends out much needed donated supplies to countries with limited access

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