My Diabetes Inklings

Bad Karma Day

I’m calling today a bad karma day.

After getting into my car, my pump started to yell “low battery” at me.

No time to rummage around for house keys to find spare batteries.

Instead I’m hoping and wishing it’ll last until I get home. Eep.

Sitting at my desk, waiting for lunch time to come round, snacking on some chocolate. Life’s good.

Look down to find little crumbs of chocolate on my beige pants.

Instead of flicking it off, I accidentally smudge chocolate into my pants. Sigh.

Next up is a minor nose bleed. Easily fixed.

Some tea is warranted by this stage and I go for a green tea.

Instead, I spill some on my top and pants. (Never wearing beige pants again.)

Good news – no stains. (Hooray for green tea!)

Put my fork away after lunch, instead I drop it on my foot, prong end first.

Head to consultant company with PhD supervisors for an important meeting.

Waiting to get let in at the door at a tiny foyer/stair well space.

Gets squished between door and wall when it opens because no one realised the door opened outwards.

The little silver linings:

  • Didn’t get chocolate stains and tea spilled on me before photoshoot in the morning
  • Meeting went really well – getting excited to breathe some life into my PhD intervention
  • Survived the drive home in peak hour traffic
  • Pump hasn’t died on me yet
  • At least I’m a source of entertainment for people around me!

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