My Diabetes Inklings

Final Countdown!

This time next month, I’ll be settling into Vancouver and launching into the final preparations for the IDF Young Leader in Diabetes programme training. That’s 4 weeks or 28 days. Well 31 days from now actually.

There are so many emotions jumping out at me.

I’m excited to be catching up with friends I had made in Melbourne in 2013 from all the corners of the globe. Also excited to be visiting and exploring Vancouver for the first time! I’m so looking forward to my extra week of “holidays” after the World Diabetes Congress concludes.

I’m nervous for the long haul flight. Flying to Brussels earlier this year for the furthest I had travelled. It wasn’t too bad but it was definitely taxing. This time round, I’ll be armed with my Dexcom CGM, which will be great to see what the long flight and time zone changes will do to my BGLs.

Mostly, I’m stressed out of my mind. There is still so much left to be done and projects to wrap up before I am able to fly off and not worry as much. It doesn’t help that every time I feel overwhelmed, all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep. Fatigue isn’t productive when my to-do list only grows longer.

Among the chaos here are a few things I have needed to remind myself:

  • My health comes first. Sometimes to be more productive, I need to rest.
  • Exercise only takes an hour of my day. Exercise = endorphins + fitness + health. No excuses.
  • Live in the moment. Life is hectic, but there are moments I need to put my phone and my worries away to spend time with my family and friends. (Happy Birthday Mum!)
  • I can’t control everything. Sometimes, shit happens and I just gotta go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Laugh, smile and let the little things go. Just because I am stressed and worried, doesn’t mean I should take it out on others. (Sorry to the waitress that served us tonight…)

So to everyone in my life, I do apologise if I seem bit jittery or vague. Please don’t give up on me! Just snap me back to the moment. The final countdown is on.

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