My Diabetes Inklings

My Exposed Pancreas

Having had my CGMs on my arm when it’s t-shirt weather has been interesting. It seemed to capture people’s attention more than chopping off most of my hair (RIP beloved ponytail). I guess having a chunky thing sticking out from your arm is pretty hard to ignore. 

Initially, I didn’t think many people would even notice it, let alone acknowledge the sensor on my arm. I wore it with confidence because I was excited about this piece of precious technology that I finally saved up for.

Typically, I was glad when friends asked what about it. It was a chance to share with them a little bit about my world. (I don’t often talk about my diabetes in real life) Often, their responses have been nothing short of supportive, for which I am grateful for. I did have a friend joke about getting a barcode tattoo on my neck as the next step to turning into a cyborg. Maybe when I get a full functioning artificial pancreas. So…soon, I guess.

Then there are days where I don’t have the energy to speak to anyone, let alone explain what a CGMs is and how it works. On these days, I’m grateful for super thin cardigans or three quarter sleeves to cover my arm up.

I’m not sure if it’s my imagination, but I could feel more stares from others when out in public because of the sensor on my arm. For the first time since in a long time, I felt self-conscious of my diabetes. It was hard to ignore the stares. But there were times where I stared straight back at them (when I felt confident enough).

I have nothing to be ashamed of. So, I wear my pancreas externally in the form of little gadgets. Well… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ whatever works to help me manage my diabetes! There is no room for judgement when it comes to managing your own health.

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