My Diabetes Inklings

The Morning After (when zombies cry)

I’ve written before about how overnight hypos are my schoolyard bullies in the diabetes world (see Overnight Shenanigans and Hypos, Dementors and Nutella). Right now, I’m working my hardest to try and get my overnight BGs sorted. I am so sick and over either having random lows in the middle of the night or waking up higher than where I like to be. The latter is something I can deal with no big dramas. It’s dealing with the morning after the lows that suck. 

This morning, I woke up with a dry mouth with flavours from last night’s hypo. Add to that the interrupted sleep, having weird post-hypo dreams of eating Ethiopian meals at band camp (?) and a headache to trump all hangovers.

By the time I found out one of my sisters had eaten my special flavour Chobani yoghurt, I was in tears. I had bought just enough tubs for my week’s breakfast and was saving my strawberry-banana flavour for the weekend. All I wanted to do at that point was to collapse in a heap, go back to bed and cry. My mind was already cluttered and overflowing with things I needed to do. I simply don’t have time to deal with the crap that diabetes throws on top life.

A quick look at my Dexcom graph showed that I had rebounded from my hypo but my BGs were finally starting to settle down. I must have fallen slowly overnight that my CGM didn’t alarm. By the time I had woken up soaking in sweat and shaking overnight, I was already at 3.5mmol/L with a finger prick test. Dexcom was arriving late to the hypo party, showing a 4.8mmol/L with an arrow down.

Thankfully, I have a scheduled appointment with my endo soon. Hopefully with all the data that I’ve been collecting, we can work out some solutions for my overnight inconsistencies. I have a feeling it has a big thing to do with my dinners. If I have a later dinner, I go to bed too early to know if I need to do a correction or have a snack before bed. In the meantime, I will deal with my zombie mornings the best I can. By dressing up in my well-rehearsed cloak of pretend confidence, a smile and many cups of tea.

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