My Diabetes Inklings

Overnight Shenanigans

Amidst all the chaos that diabetes throws into my life, I hate strongly dislike overnight hypos the most. 


Wake up cos feet are numb

Rosie has decided to sleep on my legs again

Try not to toss and turn for cat’s sake

Something’s not right

My heart is pounding

Better test BGLs

Holy crap my meter has a bright light


Not even that low…

Argh…doesn’t warrant full hypo treatment though…

Better save my Sour Patch Babies for another time

I’m really not hungry


Actually, I am hungry

Why am I in the toilet?

Might as well pee while I’m here

What should I eat?

I could go for some cheese and crackers

And even some tea

Too much effort

Probably too much noisy too

Ooh crackers…

Maybe I do want something sweet…


Damn it’s hard to open a new packet with shakey hands

Better check how many carbs in them


4 little ones is 20g of carbs!


I’ll pick two pink ones and two white ones

Maybe I should do a little bolus for this…

Hmm…pump says 1unit…yea ok…


Get away from my marshmallows!

Cats are terrible hypo helpers

Back to bed we go

Man my bed is so warm and snuggly

Dammit I forgot to retest

Surely I’ll be okay

-Nek Minute-

-Alarm goes off-


I’m so effing tired and drained

I am exhausted

Maybe I could take a day off?

Better not, I’ve got too much work to do


I am so not hungry for breakfast

Here we go Wednesday – please be nice to me

2 thoughts on “Overnight Shenanigans”

  1. Reblogged this on helwild and commented:
    I can just see you doing all this @Ashiekitty! Hope you remembered to enjoy those 4 marshmallows…#mindfulness and #nighttimehypos – can they co exist?? #dlove

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