My Diabetes Inklings

The Vampire Strikes Again

A few years ago, I blogged about my simple 15 minute test dragging on for two hours due to my tiny, tricky veins here. Since then, I’ve been getting overly anxious over my routine bloods. I find myself repeating the motions and pep talks when I see the little reminder in my diary. This is what runs through my mind:

One Week Before Blood Test

Crap. I gotta get my bloods next week.
Dammit they’re fasting AND need a pee sample. Really?

Day Before Blood Test

When do I have to stop eating again?
Surely 10pm to 8am is enough right? That’s like what 10 hours!
We have dessert tonight and it’s only 9pm?! Awesome!
10pm, almost time for bed, let me finish my tea.
Oh crap! I’m meant to be fasting.
Surely this doesn’t count as I’m technically drinking.
I hope I won’t get a hypo overnight.

Day of Blood Test

Yes! No overnight hypos for the win!
Do not eat breakfast but do not forget to bring it to work.
Do not make that cup of tea!
5.7mmol/l not bad.
Don’t forget my flask of warm water to get some fluids in and keep my hands warm!

In the Waiting Room

I wonder if I will get the same lady and if she’ll ask me what type 1 diabetes is again.
At least she has had a good run at getting blood from me.
Oh it is the same lady.
Okay okay let’s do this.

In the Hot Seat

I’m pretty sure this lady already knows my full name and date of birth by heart.
Better remind her I have fickle veins.
Good she’s got the syringe needle thing out, that usually works.
I hope I’ve had enough water this morning.
Hope that’s a good vein she picked out.
Here we go!

I can’t look away!
My heart is pounding!
She’s not pushing and tugging, that’s a good sign right?
Oh look! She got a full syringe of blood.
Bloody legend.
Great, now I can’t stop bleeding.
I wish she had nicer bandaids rather than just tape over wool.

Oh right, the pee cup.
Apparently I know the rules for this?
There are rules?

Hmm…there are no locks on this toilet door.
Don’t get pee on your hand, don’t get pee on your hand…dammit.
Why is there someone coming into the bathroom?!
Ahhh! Can’t they hear I’m in here!
Wow my pee is yellow, should drink more water.
At least their disinfectant soap smells nice.

Woohoo! All done for another 6 months hopefully!

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