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Diabetes Blog Week, Day 7 – Continuing Connections

Day 7 of Diabetes Blog Week and I’m filled with mixed emotions. On one hand I have been loving the post prompts, especially since they all resonate with me to some level. On the flip side, it has been hard work keeping up with daily posts amid everything else. My favourite thing about Diabetes Blog Week is probably seeing the list of participants. Every year the list grows and there are so many interesting, funny, touching blogs out there. Day 7 is about making new connections with other diabetes bloggers.

This week, I have discovered Liz from Get Ready, Get Set…Oh NO! I’m Low. You can clearly see what attracted me to her blog! I love blogs that gives you a good representation of life with diabetes with a twist of humour. I rely heavily on laughter to get through life.

The post that really tugged at me from Liz was on Day 3 – Clean It Out, where she talks about her time in hospital during diagnosis being bullied by the other kids on the ward. Absolutely heartbreaking – but I’m glad it hasn’t gotten the better of her as here she is now, educating one person at a time by sharing her stories and experiences.

Another blog post I loved was from Helen at Diabetes Counselling Online, a service that is invaluable to all Australians living with diabetes. On Day 2 – Keeping It Inside, Helen writes about what it’s like to live with diabetes sometimes. My favourite part is when describes the simple joy of feeling normal.

“Sometimes, sweet sometimes, you can use your voice and another beta cell challenged person hears you and the stories of your terror, your night time binges, your days on end of balancing, checking, watching, waiting, become smaller and smaller and laughter gets bigger and you see the other, the other that is nothing to do with your insides, and you feel ok, good, happy, normal.” – Helen Edwards

Okay, okay I have one more favourite to share. This one is from none other than Renza from Diabetogenic. Her vlog for Day 4 – Changes made me do a mental fist pump in the air shouting “YES!”. Renza spoke about change for affordable access to diabetes care and medical supplies for everyone with diabetes and a change to stop diabetes stigma. And she absolutely nails it.

Thank you again to Karen from Bitter~Sweet (I’m sorry I didn’t do a proper Google search before choosing my blog name!) for coordinating the annual Diabetes Blog Week. It has been an awesome week of reflection and (re)discovery of new and existing diabetes bloggers around the world.

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