My Diabetes Inklings

Diabetes Blog Week, Day 6 – Favourites and Motivations

I don’t usually blog on weekends, so I almost forgot my day six entry for diabetes blog week. Almost. Today’s theme revolves around our favourite sentence of blog post we have written and/or motivation to start or keep writing a blog. There is potential that this post will become an essay but I’ll try and keep it short (I may be falling asleep as I type and it’s not even 10pm yet!).

My favourite sentence or topic to post about would be that diabetes doesn’t stop me from achieving my goals and dreams. It obviously helps that my work revolves around diabetes, so living with it actually has its advantages. Writing about what I have achieved is good reflection for me too. I am reminded that sometimes the journey can be a bit rough, but hard work and perseverance pays off. And if what I write inspires others not to give up, that’s an added bonus too.

My motivation to keep blogging is simple – I love writing! As a child, I was an avid reader and loved the way words could help me escape into a different world. Growing up, I’ve always wanted to write a book and when I discovered blogs, I would write poetry and short stories. These days my writing is more in the form of scientific research, which is extremely formal. Bittersweet Diagnosis lets me keep my candidness, share my stories and experiences and keeps me grounded. I have also started a diabetes book project, which is sadly on the back burner now.

One thing I wish I am able to do more of now is to read more blogs about so many things. There are so many inspiration people around who are sharing their tale to those who are willing to listen. Reading them teaches me so much about people, the world and life. So to all the bloggers out there, please don’t stop writing and sharing your stories! You are all amazing.

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