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Diabetes Hoarding

For some reason, there seem to be so many diabetes-related items that are super hoardable. Day 3 of Diabetes Blog Week and we’re talking about things we need to clear out from our diabetes closet. And there are many diabetes trinkets that I have collected or am still in the process of accumulating! 

If you ever frequent my instagram account or are friends with me on Facebook, you’ll know I lot collecting test strip containers. I also have a jar or used test strips, and infusion caps. Quite often, I ask my family and friends how I can possibly recycle these good quality items, bar the used test strips. I have seen some creative ideas from the diabetes online community of beautiful fairy lights from insulin vials and diabetes art work from other items. Surely I could do something with my little collection!

My drawer full of test strip containers. I didn't do a final count sadly.
My drawer full of test strip containers. I didn’t do a final count sadly.

One night, I was in a “clearing out” frenzy but I had nothing else to throw out or donate to the op shop. Sadly my attention turned to my drawer full of empty test strip containers. After a seemingly long discussion with a d-buddy about my dilemma (which really was just me being told to throw them out), I emptied them all into a plastic bag. But I physically could not put them in the bin. There must be a way to recycle them! I couldn’t think of anything. My mum had to put them in the bin while I wasn’t around so I wouldn’t rescue them.

Goodbye old friends :(
Goodbye old friends 😦

I also used to unintentionally collect meters. Each diabetes event I went to, I seemed to go away with a new meter to trial. After trialling several meters, I stuck to my favourite and the others just sat there unused. A little part of me wanted to collect them all. Then I heard about Insulin For Life and realised how selfish I was being. There are many people in the world who can’t afford basic diabetes care, medication and supplies. Yet here I was hoarding perfectly good, usable meters for myself. Insulin For Life collects these unused diabetes supplies and medications and distributes them to countries who cannot afford them.

In summary, my test strip collection is gone and I’m down to one BGL meter plus a spare. However, I still have my used test strips and infusion caps and may also be starting to collect those blue plunger things that come with the cartridge for Animas! If you guys have any great ideas on how I can reuse them, please share!

Good thing those infusion caps and used test strips don't take up too much space to gather! 
Good thing those infusion caps and used test strips don’t take up too much space to gather!

Edit: Mum has informed me (after reading this) that she has NOT thrown my test strip containers out! They are in fact hiding away in the laundry room because they make good little containers for tea bags a lotions when travelling. I am definitely her daughter!

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