My Diabetes Inklings

Bad Diabetes Week

I am having a bad diabetes week.

My trial Dexcom sensor fell out before I was ready to let it go. I’ll blog about my time with Dexy next week. But I’m sure most of you who have experience with a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) would know how heart wrenching and frustrating this is. I may have had a teary moment when I told my partner my sensor fell out.

For the first time in my diabetes life, I left my tools of the trade at work. My meter, test strips, finger pricker and tablets all imprisoned in a cold and dark metal side desk. Although I have a back up set at home, I didn’t have any test strips. And I wasn’t about to fork out another $10 to get some for the night. So I winged it and hoped that my hypo senses were activated that night. Thankfully I lasted the night in a worried haze of diabetes ignorance. Isn’t it funny how reliant we are on some numbers on a machine like our lives depended on it.

Cue my 12.2mmol/l drop to 4.3mmol/l at work, towards the end of an eleven hour day. After having and bolusing for a muesli bar. Needless to say I was beyond exhausted by the end of the day.

These diabetes hiccups may not seem like much, but it definitely throws a spanner in the works when there are many other things to worry and fuss over. There are deadlines to meet, readings to do, blogs to write and a life to live. I don’t need all extra stressors right at this moment!

Now that I’ve adjusted to life without my fabulous CGM and am keeping a close eye on my diabetes purse, I’m back only worrying about the usual ups and downs of life with diabetes. But I will never give up or back down.

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