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Pumping – One Year On

In less than two weeks, I will be reaching my one year anniversary with pumpagotchi. My journey to get an insulin pump has been long and tedious, particularly in the final days before being admitted for my pump start up. (See 4 Years in the Making) Over the last 12 months, I’ve had lots of interesting and exciting experiences and adventures with pumpagotchi. From going through diabetes burnout (Climbing Out Of A Rut), coordinating diabetes camp (Pumping On Diabetes Camp), appreciating back up supplies (Being Prepared With Diabetes) and even bonding with total strangers over diabetes because of my pump (Diabetes In The Wild).

Untitled designI was filled with mixed emotions upon receiving an email saying that my 12 months on the loan pump is coming to an end. I am sad because the insulin pump has simplified my life. I didn’t have to face the stares and questions when injecting myself in public, although I now get awkward look-aways when I reach down my top for my pump. More importantly, being on a pump also meant fewer injections, particularly for someone who loves to snack.

So what have I learned about wearing my pancreas externally for the last 12 months?

~ Doorknobs are evil.

~ Carbohydrate counting is hard and takes lots of practice.

~ Dual wave/combo bolus are a godsend.

~ Just because I can eat something doesn’t mean I should.

~ Cats love pump lines (or pump spaghetti as I call them).

~ Just because my pump is waterproof doesn’t mean it should take a swim in the toilet.

~ Bolus wizard is the best thing ever.

~ Never underestimate the bruises or bleeding a tiny needle can produce.

~ Some outfits are almost impossible to pull off with a pump.

~ I love having an insulin pump!

Despite my clear attachment to my external pancreas, I am slightly anxious that there will be another issue with my private health insurance and I will be once again denied a pump. On the flip side, should everything work out, I will be getting my very own pumpagotchi, which is very exciting. With the release of the latest Medtronic 640G pump, I am spoiled for choice. So I’ll be keep my fingers and toes crossed and hopefully, I will be able to introduce you to my very own pump baby in the next few weeks!

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