Dear Healthcare Professionals

Storehouse by Scoop Nutrition

These days, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of nutrition related information you get from Dr Google. Everyone seems to be an expert on nutrition. Thankfully, there is now a blog directory of food, nutrition and health bloggers, all of whom are Australian nutrition professionals with established credentials.  

Storehouse by Scoop Nutrition currently houses some amazing writers and photographers who happen to be accredited nutrition experts. More importantly, there is a wealth of information in these blogs all collated in the one directory. And as Emma Stirling, founder of Scoop Nutrition, so rightly puts it, even qualified nutritionists and dietitians have differing opinions on similar topics. But that’s a part of what we do in providing information to help readers make an informed decision or to discuss with their health professional(s).

So if you are after some credible information about nutrition or inspiration for your next meal/dessert/snack, check out the Storehouse website at Verified blogs should also proudly display the Storehouse badge, making it easy to identify.

I'm on there too! Feeling special with that verified tick.
I’m on there too! Feeling special with that verified tick.


Now if only something like this existed for the diabetes online community…

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