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Diabetes Technology and Privacy

Nightscout has been an interesting movement to watch and follow, particularly over the last year. As a someone living with diabetes, being able to see the trends of your blood glucose levels in real time is invaluable. It allows you to catch and prevent any major highs or lows and the side effects which accompanies them. With the Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM), this is now possible, albeit still out of reach for those who are financially unable to support it. Nightscout brings CGM to the next level by having the ability to share blood glucose trends with entrusted people remotely on the pebble watch via an internet connection.

For families with children with diabetes, this is the biggest peace of mind a parent can have. It would mean that while kids are at school with my CGM via Dexcom (Nightscout only works with Dexcom for now), mum or dad who is wearing the pebble and connected with the ‘rig’, can see what is happening with their child’s blood glucose levels in real time. Therefore, if their child’s blood glucose levels drop and they don’t notice it, mum or dad who is viewing the pebble can alert their teacher and check in with them.

The ethical question for me revolves around privacy and when children should be allowed to take steps towards independent diabetes self-management. On the other hand, when should parents intervene in their child’s diabetes management? What’s the line between being safe and helicopter parenting? Not having any kids myself, it would be pretty unfair to make a stand, which is why I thought this article did a great job in presenting the point of view of a family who has decided against Nightscout.

Check it out here: Why my family doesn’t use Nightscout

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