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Kindness at Christmas Time

December marks a crazy month on my calendar every year. There are projects to finish up, end of year get togethers and celebrations to attend, shopping to do, presents to make and baking and cooking for family and friends. Let’s not forget making sure that I have enough diabetes supplies to last me over the holiday period. Amongst such a hectic and chaotic time where routine no longer exists, it’s important to remember to be kind to ourselves.

Getting everything organised without overworking myself is a huge achievement. However, as I am able to work from home, I often feel guilty that I could be getting things done. And this year, I’ve really had to focus on ‘being kind to myself’. So now, I try to plan my days to make sure I fit a bit of everything in, as well as spending quality time with loved ones and relaxing. It’s all about organisation and maximising efficiency.

Being kind to myself also means not beating myself up if things do not go as planned. When I feel overwhelmed, I write down everything that needs to be done and work around the priorities. Flexibility and patience is crucial to surviving the holiday season (which can also be applied to situations such as driving on roads at this time of the year to buying seafood at the market on Christmas Eve).

Shopping at Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market during Christmas Eve - Patience level over 9000
Shopping at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market during Christmas Eve – Patience level over 9000

Most importantly, I have to be kind to myself about my diabetes. Like many holiday seasons, food plays a prominent role in Christmas and New Year celebrations at our home. Not that we’re religious or anything, but any excuse to have a feast will do! With the constant baking, cooking and side tastings, my sugar levels tend to sit a little higher than usual. But that’s okay, because I’ll just keep testing and correct as needed.

The end of year holidays mean something different to each person. For me, it’s about regrouping with the family and celebrating the achievements we’ve accomplished in the year. It’s about reminding and thanking the people who have made an impact on my life in big or small ways. It’s about being surrounded by love, laughter, joy and definitely hearty meals. Ideally this happens continuously throughout the year, but for some, this is the perfect opportunity for it. So get out there and do everything you need to do, but don’t forget to do something for the most important person in your life – you!

2 thoughts on “Kindness at Christmas Time”

  1. Great post, Ash. It’s so hard to remember to be kind to ourselves, isn’t it? Sometimes especially so when there is so much going on.

    I love your strategy of noticing the overwhelm and taking a moment to write it all down and refocus. I should do that, too. I think if I would actually look at things in an objective way, they wouldn’t be so bad. Instead, I just let myself get all worked up when they’re running rampant through my overworked and overwhelmed brain.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Scott! I think sometimes the problem is also noticing when we’re feeling overwhelmed and catching it before it catches us! Hope you a break soon x


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