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Embracing the Grey – Guest Post for mySugr

Check out my guest post on about not fitting neatly into a diabetes diagnosis category. Surprisingly, this had numerous repercussions in accessing medical treatment and diabetes education in Australia. Your diabetes type dictated accessibility (mostly affordability) in using insulin pump therapy. There are few (if any) diabetes group education relevant for young adults with type 2 diabetes.

These barriers are not only discriminating in nature but plays a big role in evoking feelings of guilt at a type 2 diagnosis as a young adult. Because type 2 diabetes only occurs in the older population. Apparently.

Anyone can play an important role in supporting a person with diabetes, no matter what type they have. You don’t have to know the lingo or understand the intricacies behind blood glucose regulation. Sometimes, a hug or a small nice gesture completely unrelated to diabetes can turn a bad diabetes day, into a better one.

Read my guest post here: Embracing the Grey – Guest Post for mySugr

Thanks to the mySugr team for featuring this post and including my updated twitter handle (@health4diabetes). You guys are spoiling me!   

4 thoughts on “Embracing the Grey – Guest Post for mySugr”

  1. Ashley,

    Just read your guest post on mySugr. Thank you for taking the time to write about your experiences and I felt my heart break just a bit as I read about how some communities did not accept you. I am very pleased that you found a group and are influencing the lives of others.

    You are fighting the good fight and winning your war. Keep it up!


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