Dear Healthcare Professionals

Here’s to enjoying food!

‘Eat your food, enjoy your food. Make no apologies for your choices, whatever that may be.’ – Mrs Woog.

Came across this article, White Bread-Gate by Mrs Woog, that pretty much sums up why I loathe looking up nutrition on social media.

The abundance of ‘nutrition experts’ out there that claim they know better than scientific evidence drives me insane.

All of a sudden ‘dietitian’ becomes a dirty word in my vocabulary as it’s associated with judgement and cynicism around what everyone else is eating. That’s not my job as a dietitian. In fact, it’s completely the opposite. I’m here to help you discover dietary and lifestyle strategies to achieve your lifestyle goals in a safe manner. I’m here to empower you to make positive health changes and guide you along the way. Judging people on their food beliefs is counter productive.

If a client wants to discuss a certain diet, I’m more than happy to have an open with them about it. I’m not here to be condescending and scoff at you at the mention of the latest fad. What I love about health is not, no two people are the same. Things work differently for each person and it’s all about finding what works for you. There is no one sized fits all approach. Research is also always changing what we understand about the human body and the foods that we eat. So expect and embrace that. Life would be boring if we knew the answers to everything in life.

So here’s to enjoying the foods that we eat. Savor those flavours that you have in front of you and appreciate the vast diversity of food we have available to us. Life is too short not to enjoy that hot jam donut once in a while.

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