My Diabetes Inklings

Diabetes in the Wild

Lately, pumpagotchi has attracted a fair bit of attention and lots of interesting conversations.

After my gym session today, a lady and her little one came into the showers. As they walked past, the lady excitedly pointed out my pump and said she had one too. We then proceeded to talk about pumps and even found out that we had some friends in common. She then explained to her little one that I also had diabetes and needed to test my sugars like her mummy.

Next thing we heard was another lady exclaiming her disbelief. We turned and saw that she, too was wearing a pump! It was a highly amusing situation. I rarely bump into strangers with diabetes, let alone meeting two other ladies with pumps with whom I share friends in common with! Our conversations steered to common online platforms we frequent, and naturally I told them about my blog. So if you lovely ladies are reading this, here’s a big hello to you!

Situations like these are nice reminders that diabetes is nothing to be ashamed about. My diabetes ‘toys’ shouldn’t have to be hidden from the public eye. And in fact, sometimes it’s nice to see someone else ‘out in the wild’ with them because it reminds me that I’m not alone!

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