Dear Healthcare Professionals

Dietitians – Not Just Found In Hospitals!

Dietitians work in a variety of settings. Many people recognise dietitians in a hospital setting as assessing and prescribing dietary needs to patients. However, dietitians are often consulted to provide nutrition information, influence health policies and conduct research to expand on existing knowledge. People often see dietitians as the food police. When really, the role of a dietitian is to educate and help others improve their health through dietary and lifestyle changes. Although, this can be primarily done through hospitals and clinics, dietitians are also heavily involved in government organisations or not for profit organisations to support public education through various campaigns, policy writing and research.

To find an Accredited Practising Dietitian, head over to the Dietitians Association of Australia’s website.

Yesterday's office.
Yesterday’s office involved filming a mini cooking series, which is much harder than you think when under pressure!

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