My Diabetes Inklings

Mental Health Week – You are not weak.

NCDFREE have recently launched their global campaign called #TheFace of NCDs. NCDs or Non-Communicable Diseases are health conditions that are non-infectious and cannot be passed from one person to another. They include chronic diseases such as diabetes, mental illness, heart disease. Sadly, there are a lot of negative connotations and stereotypes associated with these health conditions. #TheFace aims to dispel the myths, ignorance and misinformation about these NCDs but also urging people to share their story. Coinciding with mental health week, I would like to share the message that no matter what you are going through and what you are feeling right now, you are not alone. Your feelings and experiences may be unique, but rest assured that there are many others who are willing to give you a helping hand or even just a cuddle along the way.

For mental health week,
here’s a reminder that the world is never always bleak.

Many people suffer in silence,
while the health professionals call it non-compliance.

Do they ever ask or even remember,
to look beyond the number.

Sometimes it feels this way with my silent disease,
the highs and lows of diabetes I wish would cease.

Life with diabetes can be tough at times,
definitely tougher than coming up with rhymes.

Diabetes has made me a stronger person,
More resilient and determined to survive each season.

I reconnected with my passion of helping others,
and found my DOC friends, I now call my D sisters and brothers.

Every time I’m having a bad day,
the DOC cheers me up with what they have to say.

Please don’t struggle alone in the dark,
there will be others who see your spark.

Know that no one can survive in this world alone,
the online community never sleeps so there’s always someone on their phone.

Speak up, be brave and share your story,
It could be the end of someone’s worry.

Let them know they’re not alone,
together, the myths and ignorance around NCDs can be blown.

Let’s make life a better place,
tell your tale here and be #theface.

5 thoughts on “Mental Health Week – You are not weak.”

  1. I cried reading your poem. I have bipolar, and suffer panic/anxiety, I have type2 diabetes, I have fibromyalgia, all invisible, that is my face. Thank you for sharing my face.

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