My Diabetes Inklings


When it comes to my diabetes healthcare team, I am particularly fussy. I won’t settle for someone who won’t engage, provides me with generic advice or interrogates me on that one high BGL two months ago. I don’t spend hundreds of dollars to be guilt-tripped that I haven’t done enough for myself or to feel like a failure. That service has already been provided for free by yours truly. Each person obviously has different situations, which greatly affects what you want or need from your healthcare professional. But here’s what I expect from my diabetes healthcare team.

An expert opinion on matters affecting my health, enough for me to make my own informed decision. 

At each appointment, I learn something new and go away feeling really good and positive about my diabetes management. I feel in control about the choices I make about my health. For a disease that largely associated with loss of control and negative outcomes, this becomes a really powerful motivator to keep trudging on.

Although I may be in healthcare myself, I won’t admit to knowing everything. My team has years of experience and wisdom under their belts that I could only aspire to have. Their guidance, support and knowledge are everything I need to keep track of my diabetes. Having a busy lifestyle and being immersed in the diabetes community makes it easy to lose track of my own health and start heading towards a burnout.

Even if my appointments consist of friendly chatter on the latest research or diabetes technology, I feel safer knowing that I have these amazing people watching out for me. Putting aside some time to sit down and focus on my diabetes with an expert opinion helps to put everything into perspective. What steps can I take to get things back on track if they have been neglected? What have I got to be proud of? (hint: no complications! woo!)

Mind you, it has taken a good few years to put my A-team together. But if I could give anyone a tip, it would be that if a doctor/healthcare professional isn’t working out for you, don’t be afraid to shop around. I know this may not be possible for everyone, particularly out in the rural and remote regions. So don’t burn your bridges so readily too. Everyone needs a chance to make changes.

After all, if I’m to put my health, and potentially my life, into someone else’s hand, I need to feel confident that they are up for job!

trust me im a doc

7 thoughts on “Expectations”

  1. I know exactly where youre coming from Ashley. It does take a long time to put it all together and you are so right…we need to have confidence in who we see and we need to know that they do have our best interests at heart. Nothing worse than going for an appointment and walking away wondering what the hell we made the effort for…been there done that. I live out in the bush and trust me, I do shop around…the internet and word of mouth are wonderful tools. I dont aspire to knowing it all but I know when Im being taken a lend of…we arent all stupid and dumb. I am of the opinion that Ive been dished out this disease and its up to me to find out as much about it as I can and to try my best…even though it may not be my best some days. Its a very complicated disease and this tries to do your head in and it will if you let it. There are many days when nothing makes sense…you do everything right and your BGL’s go pearshaped for whatever reason but still you keep trying and plugging away at it. No prizes for burying your head in the sand and giving up. Mine is kind of complicated…been told that a few times…not very comforting I know but thats how it is…I just deal with it the best way I can. Youve just got to harden up and keep going…there are times when I feel like giving it the finger but that wouldnt do much good either. I had someone close to me have a go at me because I have some fat around my middle…well just walk a mile in my shoes lady is what I should have replied with…that just blew the socks off me…I know its there and I sure dont need to be told about it…that knocked my confidence around for a long time. People who are non-diabetic truly dont have a clue and whats more some of them dont think before they engage their mouth. I guess at almost 67 and 3 kids later I cant expect to look like Twiggy…it would be nice though just the I think youre doing an awesome job Ashley and dont ever let anyone ever tell you that youre not. I have been told some dumb things by some doctors and Ive learned to shut that out and get on with it. They should know better….It took a long time to get my team together too but Im almost happy with what Ive got and I am grateful to them. I try not to rely on them too much…bit hardnosed and very independent…lol. You keep doing what youre doing Ashley…we might not beat this thing but we can sure as hell give it a good nudge…xx…

  2. “I don’t spend hundreds of dollars to be guilt-tripped that I haven’t done enough for myself or to feel like a failure.” ~ Really enjoyed these words – so on point!

    1. I often go on guilt trips Kevin and dont need others sending me there…I can get there all by myself. I expect perfection every day and of course it doesnt always happen but I still keep trying…Ive even had a GP tell me Im pedantic about it…well hello, its my body and my life…guess its my Id like a dollar for every time I beat myself up over this disease. I just cant wrap my head around the attitude of some people to their diabetes…they dont care…they might when it all goes pearshaped for them down the track but by then the horse will have bolted.

      1. I’m hearing negative judgments from you towards people who you judge as ‘they just don’t care’ – if you can’t wrap your head around the attitude of some people to their diabetes, and you’ve acknowledged that you don’t begin to understand where they are coming from, then may I suggest that you adopt a default attitude of RESPECT? People are guided by different life experiences, values, preferences, resources and constraints,and make different choices. You have raised the phenomenon of ‘discount delay’, but in a very patronising and judgmental way.

        It is hard to read your comment as anything but stigmatising of people who manage their diabetes in a way that you don’t approve of.

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