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Lifting the Grey

Being the eldest of three in my family, you could say that I appreciate being independent. However, there are times that I may be overly independent and refuse to share my burden or even talk about it (story of my life at the moment). As a result, I often feel myself slipping into a moody heap of a mess when things get a bit overwhelming in life. When I get asked if there’s anything they can do to help, unsurprisingly my answer is no. But on reflection, there are things that could be done to make a stressed day bit better. So here are some things that work for me – both diabetes and non-diabetes wise.

Stop looking over at my meter when I’m testing.
If I’m feeling stressed, my BGs are unlikely to be within the “green zone”. I don’t need a disapproving or disappointed look or comment to remind me of that. Here’s also where being on insulin is a plus as I have the option of giving myself a bit of extra insulin to correct for it. I can only do my best in this department, unless someone is willing to magically give me a brand new, functioning pancreas without any nasty side effects.

Carb-count with or for me.
This is a bit of a stretch and could go either way. I would annoyed if someone decided to make carb counting into a competition. But recently, mum decided to measure a cup of cooked rice for our dinner portions. You have no idea how excited I was by this move. Let’s just say that I haven’t had to guesstimate the amount of carbs in my meals as much and have been able to work out some patterns much more efficiently. I love you mum.

It’s the little things that count.
Offer to make a pot of tea; or to go for a walk (weather permitting); leave a little note of encouragement – it’s the little things that count. Any effort to bring a smile or laugh out would be greatly appreciated. There’s something about a smile or laugh that will add a splash of colour to a grey day. In fact, doing something nice will not only benefit whoever you’re trying to cheer up, it’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy seeing them smile too!

There is something very homely and comforting about a big bear hug when you’re having a bad day. Don’t be surprised if this works better than trying to get them to talk about their problems. Sometimes actions speak louder than words and a genuine hug emanates so much love and warmth that will definitely brighten up someone’s day.

Imagine cuddling this cute purrito! You can't resist a smile :)
Imagine cuddling this cute purrito! You can’t resist a smile 🙂

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