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Pumping on Diabetes Camp

Last weekend marked a milestone for pumpagotchi and I. We went on a trip that was longer than an overnight stay. We went on a diabetes camp together. That’s four days and three nights away from home.

Being the coordinator of this camp, I was counting on my diabetes to behave nicely while I made sure everything ran smoothly. I needed to do a site change on the second day of camp. So I packed an infusion set. I always carry my insulin pen and a needle around as a back up. However, I had forgotten to check if I had enough insulin in my pen! It was only by a slim stroke of luck that I decided and remembered to throw in a spare vial of insulin. I also had not even considered the possibility of doing a dud line change. In hindsight, I should’ve packed an extra infusion set just in case!

Luckily everything did run well. My sugars were running a little higher than normal probably due to the stress and excitement and the constant eating that is diabetes camp. The only issue I ran into was my pump falling out from my pocket while I was running around doing a parachuting activity with the kids. Running around with a dangling a pump isn’t very fun. Next time, I’ll have to find a more secure place to put it if I decide to get involved. But I wasn’t too nervous about any diabetes emergency I may come across as I WAS at a diabetes camp. Having several well experienced diabetes nurse educators, people with diabetes and an abundance of spare diabetes supplies such as meters, test strips and needles definitely gave me a peace of mind.

Despite the terrible weather, the camp ran really well. We had children from 4-8 years old with one parent and ran activities with the kids while parents attended informational sessions with health professionals. I learned about this whole loom band craze the kids are into and also mused over toilet tiggy (where did this even come from and how did it get so big?). After hearing one of the kids repeatedly saying that ‘this is the place where fun never ends’, I think it’s safe to say that everyone got something positive out if it. Here’s to another smooth sailing camp this weekend with nicer weather.

Sunset view over our campsite.
Sunset view over our campsite.
Loom band madness!
Loom band madness!

For more information about Diabetes Camps Victoria, please visit their website here.

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