My Diabetes Inklings

My Time in the Sunshine

Once I thought I was just the average kid
A low maintenance child any parent would want
I walked the straight and narrow and never got into trouble
Those were the good old days – my time in the sunshine

Over time, the moon waxed and waned
Nothing changed but the number of candles on my cake
I was at the peak of my adolescent years
Those days I cherished – my time in the sunshine

Suddenly, like the crashing tide on beachfront shores
My life was turned inside out in a few short weeks
I denied the notion of having diabetes, no matter the type
The world I knew seemed to vanish – my time in the sunshine

Awash in a flood of emotions
Blinded by the void I had let myself fallen into
Am I alone in this vast sea of guilt and pain
I’m tired of wallowing under the rain clouds – this is my time in the sunshine

Slowly, with persistence like weeds emerging through pavement cracks
Refusing to be governed by established stigma and traditions
Refusing to let others like me suffer the same fate
I’m taking a stand against discrimination – this is my time in the sunshine

Striving towards picturesque scenes of lushness and brilliance
Pushing through glass ceilings to raise awareness
My passion in fighting for equal access for everyone with diabetes
You can’t stop me – this is my time in the sunshine

weed garden



1 thought on “My Time in the Sunshine”

  1. Love it Ashley…discrimination is as large as life out there and from the people you least expect it and who are certainly not in the position to discriminate…

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