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Overwhelmingly Grateful

I had an epiphany the other day after feeling emotionally drained for the past week. Motivation levels were dipping while my to-do list continued to grow. But as I sat on the bathroom benches at the gym, I said to myself (in my head) ‘I just did a 7km interval running session. Wow…’. Then it hit me. 

I’m running. And I am enjoying it. What blasphemy is this?! Going to the gym has always been a stress reliever for me. It’s my opportunity to turn up the music and drown out the world. Over the last year I’ve introduced new exercises into my regime; things that I could never imagine once doing. Of course, I struggled with them at first, but now it’s almost become second nature. To see how far I’ve come is incredibly empowering and it motivates me to keep challenging myself. Then I started to ponder life (as you do after a workout I’m sure)…and it hit me.

I have completed an undergraduate degree and an honours degree. I’m about to finish my masters degree and to start my PhD. Back in high school (even all through undergrad), I always saw postgraduate studies as something impossible. Now I’m powering through each academic challenge with more drive than ever. Fuelled by passion to improve services for young adults with diabetes; motivated and empowered from the Young Leaders in Diabetes program. And again…it hit me.

The YLD training and World Diabetes Congress happened in my hometown. In some aspects, it didn’t feel like a huge deal. A quick browse on my Facebook feed begs to differ. I am seeing posts from all around the world, in an array of languages. Sometimes talking about diabetes, sometimes sharing personal stories. Together with the Diabetes Online Community, these people have become part of my diabetes family. We share the same passion for improving lives around world for people with diabetes. And together, we are working to achieve this goal as part of the International Diabetes Federation. Then…I realised…

…how grateful I am.
For the people in my life.
For the support you have given me.
For the lessons you have taught me.
For the inspiration you have provided me.
For empowering me.
For challenging me.
For getting me to where I stand today.
For making me who I am today.

For that, I want thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you.

My partner in crime.
My partner in crime.
My first support group.
My first support group.
Part of my D-family. Photo courtesy of
Part of my D-family.
Photo courtesy of

8 thoughts on “Overwhelmingly Grateful”

  1. I just want to say thank you for an inspiring post. We often complain, whine, find fault, all of which are natural, but it’s far more uplifting to be grateful for what we have, which are usually in abundance although overlooked.

    1. Thank you for dropping by and your kind words! I agree sometimes we are too easy to complain about something that to look for things to be grateful about!


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