My Diabetes Inklings


Yesterday I celebrated 24 years of being part of this world. And as I write this post, I’m running between my desk and the toilet. Mostly I’m in the toilet though, having had food poisoning (or something) in the last few days. Not the best way I would imagine spending my birthday weekend. Nonetheless, I had a great time celebrating with my loved ones and friends.

Birthdays are also a time where I like to reflect on the year that has passed…
It has certainly been an amazing year within all aspects of my life. I’m proud of my achievements, excited for the new friends I have made along the way and future projects and goals I have yet to accomplish. One of my biggest and memorable moments this year was having the opportunity to fly to Canberra for the National Diabetes Strategy launch. As an IDF and Diabetes Australia Young Leader representative, I shared my diabetes story and future goals to a room full of pretty important people, such as the president of the IDF, CEO of Diabetes Australia and several parliamentary members. It was a very humbling but empowering experience to know that I am part of the catalyst for change in diabetes management.

Most importantly, many decisions I have made and the actions that followed would not have been possible without the support I’ve had from loved ones and friends. So here’s a huge thank you to everyone who has been part of my life at some stage, whether in big or small role. I believe that everyone has a lesson to teach and I hope I have learned from all of you and put that into good practice. To all the friends I am yet to meet, I hope I learn a wealth of wisdom from you and I can offer the same. Here’s to another year of love, friendships, growing knowledge, accomplishing goals and chasing dreams!

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!

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