My Diabetes Inklings

Diabetes Blog Week – Day 6 – Diabetes Art

Day 5 – Visual, literal or musical.

D is for…

D is for the dark days we have
Where blood sugars represent a roller coaster
And the sight of lollies leaves you gagging
Yet we persevere on

D is for the dumb questions we get
No, there is no good and bad diabetes
No, it’s not curable by diet and exercise
And no, it’s not contagious

D is for dominance
Something diabetes doesn’t have over me
Diabetes will never be the boss of me
I will triumph

D is for damned
For which we are most certainly not
Diabetes does not determine my life
I am not afraid to dream big!

D is for the dreams we have
For everything we want to achieve in life
Nothing will get in our way
Especially not this sneaky pancreas

D is for diabetes
This terrible but enlightening ‘disease’ we have
Full of bad times but good discoveries
Such a bittersweet diagnosis

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