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Diabetes Blog Week – Day 4 – Accomplishments big and small

Day 4 – Greatest accomplishment in managing your diabetes.

What seems like an everyday routine for some, may actually be something crazy for others. We often overlook and take for granted things that we do on a daily basis. I’m sure we’re all familiar with people see us testing or injecting and they say ‘I could never do that’. Well, if we were talking about choosing to live and be healthy or to die from diabetes complications, I know you will do what you need to to stay out of the second category. Having said that, what people living with diabetes deal with everyday is no simple feat!

I remember the first time I pricked my finger to test my sugars. It took me a good few big breaths before I plucked up the courage to click the button. Since then I’ve done it at least 5 times a day, everyday. Same goes to the first time I injected myself. The first month after starting on injections saw my tummy area filled with all sorts of colourful bruises because I just couldn’t get it right. That’s not saying the bruises don’t occur from time to time now. But compared to what it was when I first started, I think it’s fair to say that I have come a fair way. Basic diabetes management skills involving needles – mission accomplished.

Another achievement that I am proud of myself for is the reassembling of my diabetes healthcare team. I was initially really happy with the team that I had been referred to, especially seeing as I have not been exposed to other diabetes healthcare professionals. But even within the hospital I was at, I would never see the same endo more than twice just due to workings of a public system. I was lucky enough to have the same educator most of the time, who was great. However, there came a point where I felt that they didn’t know what to do with me anymore. And because my endo was always changing, further testing plans always got lost along the way and so did repoire. I knew I should get a second opinion, but I was too scared of finding other doctors and having to find out the processes and the way things work beyond the system I currently knew seemed like too much. It was pretty much fear of the unknown and feeling daunted by the paperwork process. There was a lot of waiting and chasing things up from various people, but it was definitely worth it at the end. I found a fantastic private endo, who I’m sticking with, who understands the position I’m in with my diagnosis and is willing to do what it takes to get the best management plan suited to me.

On top of everything, I think my biggest accomplishment to date is simply not letting diabetes get in the way of life. It’s too easy to get into the mind frame of always being and feeling sick. And it’s definitely way too easy to use diabetes as an excuse for things. (especially when it comes to exercise!) Some days of living with diabetes is definitely tougher than others, but so far nothing has stopped me from anything that I’ve set my mind to.

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