My Diabetes Inklings

Looking For New Recruits!

It is always really comforting to know that your doctor is on the same side as you. For the past few years, I haven’t had the luxury of having a one on one relationship with my endocrinologist. Being in the public healthcare system, I didn’t have much of a choice either. However, I was lucky enough to see the same educator most of the time. Consistency for me is really important when it comes to healthcare professionals. It always makes it easier if they know my medical history and personality rather than having to testing the waters out every time I see a different doctor.

So imagine when the shock and horror on my face when I was told that my GP of at least five years was no longer with the clinic I attend. I swear I had a minor panic attack that was the awkward silence on the phone with the receptionist. What was going to happen with all my medical records and my outstanding external correspondence with my diabetes healthcare professional team? Thankfully, the receptionist assured me that everything was still at the clinic and it will follow me with each doctor I see there. Should I move clinics, my new doctor is able to request my medical records from the old place. Phew.

Now begins the quest to find myself a new GP. These are the criteria they will have to be filling:

  • Being comfortable talking to them about anything relating to my health. (Especially with all the girly stuff)
  • We have a mutual respect for each other.
  • Antibiotics will not be their go-to prescription each time I am sick.
  • They are happy to be my go-to person for scripts, referrals and useless medical paperwork.
  • I am able to have an educated discussion with them regarding my health and medical decisions.
  • They won’t decide to suddenly leave without notice after five years….

Recently, I’ve been lucky to find an endocrinologist who ticks all these boxes. Granted, they are in the private practice, which costs me a bit but it’s all worth it at the end of the day. To have my thoughts and decisions heard and respected is an empowering feeling. It makes me feel like I am in control of my health and my diabetes. If anything doesn’t sit well with either party, the floor is open for discussion.

There is no lecturing that goes on in the consulting room. Just discussion, advice and support.

It takes guts to speak up to a doctor, but this is my body we are talking about here. And if I’m going to be doing anything to it, I want to know exactly why and how it works and I have to be comfortable with the notion. No one likes having a regime forced upon you or doing things you don’t believe in. When you’re dealing with something like diabetes, no body knows your own body like you.

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