My Diabetes Inklings


The last few weeks has been nothing short of manic (hence the lack of new posts). Somehow, I have this warped concept of ‘holidays’ (does not compute!). Whilst people are taking time off to travel, relax and catch up with friends, I love to find various work and projects to do. When I was younger, my holidays would consist of staying home, doing craft, reading and doing puzzles (bit of a boring bookworm nerd, I know). Occasionally I would meet up with my group of friends. Life was simple (aka no bills to pay). Ok, there was that one year I traveled back to Singapore to visit some friends and relived childhood memories. Thankfully, I was also able to leave the horrid humid weather when I got back on that plane.

One year, something prompted me to start looking for a different job over Summer. With that sudden bout of confidence and courage to try something different than swim teaching (which I had been doing for the previous 4 years), I started job hunting. Even that in itself was a learning cuve. I had encouragement and support from my mum and bf (back in our pre-dating days!) and applied for retail christmas jobs everywhere. No joke, I applied – EVERYWHERE. It was quite depressing and demoralising actually. I just kept getting rejection email after rejection email. But I persisted. Amazingly enough, I landed a job at one of my favourite stores – T2, which marked my first ever retail job (lesson: persistence pays off). Over that Summer, I learned much about working with people (and tea), while expanding my tea collection to ridiculous levels (I even had a stash at my bf’s house for when I went over).

My tea collection from my T2 days!
My tea collection from my T2 days!

Since then, I’ve decided that I wanted to try out different jobs each Summer. One Summer, I made a brief appearance as a telemarketer. I was bored of it relatively quickly. But again, the things I learned from this work experience about sales and the importance of the tonality in your voice when you are speaking to people made it worth while. Fast forward to this year, and I’ve somehow landed myself in an editing/proof reading position, which has reinforced my love for writing. Again, brand new skill set and a new appreciation to all the editors out there. I’ve seen and experienced first hand at the amount of work that goes into creating one publication.

Also, in these ‘holidays’, my brain has been churning up many side projects for me to work on. I’m not sure if all those self-help books I’ve read (although I’ve only finished one and a half books…) are finally kicking in, but I feel like I’m not as scared to push my boundaries anymore. All those ‘what-if’s and thinking that things are too big for me are being told to get out of the way and I’ve got some exciting things planned. Partly, I have diabetes to blame (or thank) for this extra motivation. I feel like I have to prove to myself that diabetes won’t drag my life down and I want to share that with others.I think I’ve mentioned briefly eons ago that a long-time dream of mine is to write a book. Well, I’ve decided I’m going to do it! Just like that! I’m going to write a book. I’m still fine tuning details on it, but it will definitely be diabetes related and I hope it will make people chuckle. Just cos you’re not living life if there’s no laughter. And so, with all these things going on, all I can say is – watch this space!

Also, if you haven’t already, please help sign the petition to get NDSS subsidy for pump consumables for people with T2 diabetes. As it stands, only 7 more signatures to 100!  And a huge thank you to those who already have! Thank you again!! 

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