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Second Chances in Health

It’s not often we get a chance to start anew when it comes to our body. With all these new technology and medical breakthroughs emerging, a second chance will soon be off our wish list. Since grade 4, I’ve always worn glasses for my short-sightedness. This probably explains why I was never into ball sports but somehow became a swimmer instead. When I was given the opportunity to wear contacts in high school, I jumped at the chance without hesitation. Finally, for most part of the day, I was able to get rid of my glasses. Not only was it a new found freedom, it was a massive boost in my self-confidence. I really liked how I looked without glasses! Of course if I wore my contacts for too long, my eyes got really dry and it was worst if I fell asleep in them. Falling asleep with glasses on wasn’t the best experience ever too, I’ve got to say.

Over the last few years, I kept hearing of people I know getting corrective laser eye surgery done and after that they had perfect vision. I was envious but had my reservations about it all. Then my dad decided to get it done and I barely remember anything about it as it was over so quickly and it was very low key. He stayed home for about a day or two and I don’t even remember him wearing his lovely looking eye-shields. His testimonial was similar to many I’ve heard; he never looked back. Recently at the end of last year, my bf saved up and got it done too. He went to a different place to my dad, which used a different method. After a really rough and heart-wrenching healing period, he too got what he paid for; perfect vision.

So at the start of the year, I plucked up the courage and decided I was getting eye surgery too. I saved up all year and in August I made to call to book an initial consultation. After going through all the initial tests to see how my eyes were and explanations about the surgery (Lasik), I was booked in for October 23rd, after my final presentation for my honours year. As my workload got heavier with uni, the days and weeks flew by and before I knew it, my thesis was submitted, presentation was done and the big day rolled around.

I was so excited and nervous. After I got dropped off by my mum, I was so nervous that I actually tripped on the step leading to the clinic (had a giggle to myself at this point about how I definitely needed to get my eyes checked). After getting my eyes double checked by the optometrist, I sat around in the waiting room and started talking to another girl who came all the way from Shepparton to get her eyes done. She was going in before me. As I was talking to her, I saw this familiar face coming into the clinic. I was delightfully surprised when I realised it was my bf! He had sneakily taken the day off to be with me for the surgery. Words couldn’t tell you how happy and relieved I was that he was there.

Not long after the lady before me had gone in, it was my turn. By this time my heart was pounding in my ears! My bf was allowed to come in and watched the whole procedure while I sat in the big chair, clenching my hands in absolute terror and at one point forgot to breathe as they worked on my eyes. It was the weirdest experience I’ve encountered. The expectation that you should be feeling something as you see it happen but not feeling anything at all. From time to time I felt pressure on my eyes but nonetheless it was bizarre! But before I knew it the surgery was over. I think it took about 10mins in total! After that the surgeon taped eye shields onto my eyes and led me to the post op room to check everything. Even straight after the surgery, I was able to see most things fairly clearly. I was definitely impressed and so excited by this stage, I was still jittery, this time in excitement! The optometrist was extremely happy with how the surgery progressed and gave me instructions to take it easy tonight and not to worry about anything as they will tell me post-op care instructions when I came back the next day for a follow up.

And so with that, my bf took me home and along the way, I read out every single thing I could see in sheer excitement. That night I was able to watch tele and play on my iPad for a bit (said hi to #OzDOC) before my eyes got tired. For the next few nights I went to bed wearing my sexy eye shields to make sure I don’t rub my eyes or put too much pressure on them. And for the next week I had antibiotic and steroid eyedrops to help recovery. It’s since been a week and few days and I’m back driving and living life as normal although spending too long infront of the screen tires my eyes and I have trouble focusing. So I’ve taken this opportunity to stay home a rest after a huge year as well. It’s been really good spending time at home with my family. The one thing I’m absolutely looking forward to now (even more so than finding out about PhD scholarships) is being able to wash my face and hair properly! To make sure I don’t get soap in my eyes, I’ve been asked to avoid running water on my face for two weeks, which makes washing my hair an insane challenge.

Another thing I am still getting used to now is the fact that I don’t have to take any contacts out or wear glasses! From time to time I would walk into the bathroom, wanting to take my contacts out. I’d get there and be confused for a moment before realising I didn’t need them anymore! Not that I’m complaining about these adjustments 🙂 I feel so lucky to be given this new opportunity of living life without glasses or contacts again!!! Yippppeeeee!

Coming home after the surgery with my sexy eye shields on 🙂

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