My Diabetes Inklings

Seeing the world through rose coloured glasses

My boyfriend reminded me of something the other day when I was feeling fed up with my health. He reminded me that if we’re looking for indicators that we have bad health, we are bound to find them. So why don’t I focus on positive aspects of my health? Things that I can do and have achieved. Like swimming 1.5km in a go. I don’t many of my friends who can swim 200m let alone 1.5km. But because it was such a basic thing for me, I constantly talk it down. I may not be able to run but damn I can swim!

Health isn’t the only thing that can be applied to though. In fact, it is relevant for EVERYTHING! The saying that goes “Always look on the bright side of life” is very true. Although there is no doubt you have to experience bad days to appreciate good days, despairing when a cloud is over your head isn’t going to improve anything. It’ll probably make you feel worse than what things are already at.

It’s also important to reward yourself once in a while. After each of my diabetes appointments, I treat myself with what else but food! Delicious, quality food. It could be a luxurious iced mocha (skinny of course) from one of the posh cafes down the street or a good lunch. I like to think I’m doing the best of my ability in managing my diabetes, and even if my doctors aren’t happy about one thing, you know what? I bet i can find three other things I should be happy about!

There is always something to celebrate everyday, be it as simple as being able to sit down and have a proper meal or seeing some good friends. So this post is dedicated to all my friends who are having a hard day or time at the moment. To stop, slow down and look for something positive in your life at the moment. Something to be grateful for, that you can smile about. There WILL be something. Once you start smiling, your day will start getting better.

I will leave you with something that makes me smile 🙂

Skype time with my bestie and my godbubba!


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