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When Life Tells You to Rest, REST!

It’s funny how life sometimes throws you curveballs that really are a blessing in disguise.

At the start of the week, I was feeling absolutely exhausted and run down. Both mentally and physically. Sleep and I just wouldn’t get along. The cold, early Mebournian mornings never helped with the separation anxiety I face with my bed in the mornings either. It was Monday. New start to the new week. New attitude, new goals to achieve. Life was just starting to slip into a mindless comfortable routine. I had planned to meet up with some friends I met through the myD support group on facebook for dinner at the very famous Vegie Bar on Brunswick St.

Dinner was amazing, while the service was entertaining as per usual. We watched on in mild amusement as a waitress told a customer off for bringing water to a table with two senior ladies who looked like they had been waiting for a while to get service. I strongly believe that good food is enhanced with excellent company as was the case that evening and I went home with a very contented tummy indeed. Awaiting for me at home was mum’s delicious chicken wings, to which of course I couldn’t say no to!

Little was I to know that all that food would come back to bite me in the bum at 2am in the morning. Spent a few lovely hours in the wee morning throwing my guts up. During this time, I could also feel my BGLs dropping and panicked because treating a hypo with food at this moment was the last thing I wanted to do. For the first time since I was a child, I had to wake my mum up to help me. She made me some delicious but ridiculously sweet herbal tea with lemon slices to soothe my belly and treat the hypo (double whammy!) and gave me a heat pack while she rubbed my back. After throwing back up half the tea I had, I felt immensely better and finally drifted off to sleep.

I can’t help but to appreciate the love and care of my family and friends. In the morning everyone asked if I was feeling better and offered to bring me things in bed (A rare occurrance I can assure you!). I took the day off from my data collection at the hospital and because I had been throwing up, it was policy that I had no patient contact for the next 48 hours. So I took the opportunity to rest and recover.

Mum and I had a really important discussion later that day about what circumstances she would have to call for an ambulance and where would I get sent to. She told me she freaked out because she didn’t know who to call and ask for advice if things had taken a turn for the worst. I told her that it was good she got me to keep testing my BGLs to see if they were still dropping or going sky high and I would probably know myself when it was time to all the ambulance. It is very daunting to have the fact that I may need an ambulance sitting there. But it’s better to talk about it and be prepared than to panic when the need arises.

Since I had taken those few days to rest, I have been feeling so recharged. Been waking up everyday feeling ready to go and re-energised and not feeling drowsy in the morning. I can’t remember the last time I was feeling so on top of the world. On top of all that my lovely boyfriend took me out to watch Brave (I’m a sucker for kids movies) and we spent a lovely afternoon together.

I guess this is life’s way of telling me to chill out and have a rest! And coming up this weekend, is Family Camp with Diabetes Camp Victoria down at YMCA Anglesea!

Getting ready for camp!

1 thought on “When Life Tells You to Rest, REST!”

  1. should have read this post before anything else happened. a while ago, i packed my life with too much stuff and now i am forced to rest at home cos of an accident! glad that you listened to your body! 🙂

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