My Diabetes Inklings

Finally, a breather!

I am incredibley surprised how quick the last couple of months have just flown by. As marked by my absence in updates, it has been an incredibley hectic and stressful period of time. Finally uni work on my priority list is starting to diminish and I have more time for other things such as catching up with friends and organising the Trivia Night for band.

So what has happened over the last couple of months?

My last update saw my Gastro-doc ordering a conoloscopy and endoscopy to find the culprit behind my severe anaemia. That experience in itself is enough to write an entire blog entry about it! I was fortunate enough to have my very pregnant best friend to make a special trip down from Ballarat just to accompany me (aside from all the waiting around, she got out of this, a very delicious dinner, bone marathon, the joy of seeing me during the bowel-prep phase and seeing me incredibley drugged out). I also had some close friends and family pop down to say hi whilst I was having my iron infusion. Even though it got a little bit excessive, it was nice to have that support there.

The results came back negative for anything, docs gave me a clean bill of health inside. This was fantastic news but it still didn’t answer the sudden anaemia and other deficiencies I had. So I have a review in 3 months time to see how my body is keeping up with the iron before further action needs to be taken! (yay!)

Now to tackle my next issue of my wild fluctuating BGLs throughout the day. Since my endo has taken me off Metformin 1000mg three times daily and replaced it with the extended version once a day, my sugar levels have been going through the roof with a lot more readings over 10. Obviously this left me quite dejected that when I thought everything was going well, I got pushed back to square one. I ended up trying to find someone to talk to about this and I found it incredibley difficult to find the appropriate person to speak to regarding how this is affecting my emotional side of things. I even got in contact witih several diabetes organisations and obviously my educator was my first port of call, but it seemed liike no one would acknowledge the emotional side of things and just kept suggesting different ways of adjusting my insulin doses, which I am already monitoring or just saying there wasn’t anything they could really do.

Even now, I haven’t found the right health professional to really speak to, instead I’m lucky enough to have close friends with diabetes whom I vent to. But at the end of the day, I know that if I didn’t have them, I would have spiralled out of control. Which then brings me to the question of I wonder how many people out there with a similar situation – be it diabetes related or not – face this issue of not being able to find the right support or resources directing them to appropriate support?

That being said, a friend of mine and I are looking to help Diabetes Australia – Vic to facilitate a support group for people with Type 2 diabetes. I hope this will be the start of something good and will help many people who are looking for similar support. As well as providing further health professional resources to others in need. I’m very much looking forward to this new project!

Having an iron infusion 🙂

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