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Since the start of the year, I’ve been raving on about wanting to give hiking a go. There has been talks and plans for an overnight hike in early March and yesterday saw that become a little bit more real when I got a bag for the hike. Mum also decided to pay me back the money I had spent on it as a graduation gift of sorts. I am so stoked! Can’t wait to test it out. Onwards to new adventures!!

On Monday, I’m going in to the Northern to get my paperwork sorted out as well as getting my ID done. I’m so excited! 2012 is really a year of new experiences and I’m feeling fairly optimistic about everything so far. Let’s hope everything will continue to sort itself out.

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Pancreatically challenged, diabetes advocate, PhD student and dietitian - working to positive changes within the diabetes community and healthcare setting. Although diagnosed at age of 19 with T2DM, the type of diabetes I have is under constant debate. Finally pumping as of March 2014.

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