General Life Happenings

Actions speak louder than words

There are many things I am grateful for. One of them is my neighbour’s cat – Tabi. For over nine years, she’s been a regular visitor to our home and made a place in all our hearts. Everyone says she’s most attached to me, even though I argue she’s just affectionate to anyone who feeds her haha.

I have agree though at some times she seems oddly comfortable with me. To our knowledge, I am the only person whose lap she happily sat on for a while. She’s grown out of that phase now but she still loves coming into my room (only my room) from time to time for a wander. If I’m home, she’ll curl up near my feet or attempt to hide in my box of bags (maybe she thinks it’s some sort of palace bed I made just for her…). Her favourite thing to do, I’ve noticed of late, is to jump onto my bed and bury her head under my sheets, waving her bum up in air.

Anytime I’m upset, she can make smile at least. I remember in high school when I would just talk to her and she’d sit there and listen (probably not even aware) but it was just comforting to have her there and not have someone talk whatever issue you have down or to brush it away. Yesterday, she did one of the funniest things I can remember. Walking in my room, she sat right at my feet. I didn’t notice her as I was busy but when I saw her she looked straight at me and gave me the loudest, longest meow I’ve heard and walked straight back out of my room. 🙂

It may be silly to be so attached to an animal companion, but she is a very important part of my life and I cherish her with all my heart. People often say a lot of things and never follow through with them but she’s always there. Especially in all the dark times, she is the star that I need.

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