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When things go pear shaped, accompanied by all the hurt and heartbreak, it’s really comforting to know that there are other people who are looking out for you. People who care and are concerned enough to message you everyday and see how you are doing or even to whisk you away on a trip to the country to take your mind off things. These people are amazing.

I just want to really thank my friends for all their help.

It was somewhat of a big thing for me to spontaneously pick myself up to go on a trip. I’m glad I did though. It reminds me time and time again that sometimes we need to overcome a tiny wall of resistance to explore the boundaries of safety that we’ve set for ourselves. Ya know, step out of our comfort zone. I’ve never been good at that and rarely have people I trust enough to feel safe while doing this.

And so, because of my new boating, tubing and camping experience, I feel more adequate and excited about my upcoming camp next week. Yep, I’m definitely bringing two jumpers and towels on this camp!

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