My Diabetes Inklings

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone is still recovering somewhat from new years celebrations (or still dying in the heat).

Due to some last minute changes, I ended up going to a New Years party and had a pretty good time I must say.

Arising from the party were some topics of conversation, inevitable for new years.

So we talked a lot on our new years resolutions. Funny that only one other girl aside from me didn’t believe in NY resolutions but were forced to come out with one anyway.

My NY resolution that I gave was that I am looking to expand my health professional networks this year. I plan to achieve this through uni and by attending any conferences and seminars that come up, and making myself known to people as well as really getting myself immersed in the industry.

However after some thought and listening to others’ resolutions, I came up with a few more.

I’m going to start eating healthier and exercising more. The past few months I have been extremely lazy in keeping my diet and exercise in check. Going for a swim and walking everyday to and from work was fantastic and a good start but I have to keep it up. Not just because of my diabetes, but just for general health and wellbeing too. When GESAC starts up I’ll endeavour to hit the gym once or twice a week with zumba or pump and throw in a swim in there too hopefully.

Remembering back to when I was first diagnosed, I absolutely freaked out and had this extreme regime of heading to the gym every morning before uni. Usually that involves going to the first class of the day and rushing to uni after. It worked out well but I was constantly exhausted by mid day and craved a sleep in more than anything. Eventually a mess up at the gym with their classes and poor instructor attendance interrupted this pattern and I never went back to it. Even my doctors would say I was overdoing it. They said I was pushing my body too hard and not allowing the medicine to do its work, because I physically wanted to change it, if that makes sense. Hearing my nurse explain this to me broke down a barrier in my brain that told myself I am weak for having to accept medication. I don’t want to go back to that thinking especially with this new “I might be coeliac” thing happening.

In 2012, I will become a stronger person. I will speak my mind and not let people trample all over me. The quest to battle on with sickness and striking a balance with everything I do continues…(cheesy much?)

To those who have made resolutions, STICK TO THEM! Think of why you made them in the first place and commit to it. You can do it 🙂 Good luck!

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